Committed to you

Our success as a business and our contribution to society are based on strong Corporate Values.

About Us

Our Commitment

Committed to you


Whether you are a customer, an MCFE employee, a related business or any other member of society, we have something special to offer you. Our Corporate Values spell out our commitment to:

  • Generating high levels of customer satisfaction and establishing long-term partnerships through our innovative products and services
  • Creating value through world-class quality and continuous technological innovation
  • Protecting the global environment and contributing to ongoing, positive development in local communities through sound corporate activities and social responsibility
  • Providing ideal conditions for a happy and successful workforce through respect for the individuality, creativity and continuous improvement spirit of all employees, and creation of an employee-friendly working environment in which we can grow with our partners


As part of a larger business family, we have a Corporate Mission to help our partnership succeed through our commitment to:

  • Being a strong challenger for a place as one of the big four forklift manufacturing companies in Europe
  • Being a good partner to work with, through our transparency, our willingness to take ownership and our clear and reliable communication
  • Being a good contributor to the global Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift business, both financially and through development of new expertise in areas such as direct business and solutions