VISR telemetrics system

We are pleased to be partnered with TrackUnit to offer our customers the VISR telemetrics  system.

VISR monitors each truck’s usage and condition using multiple sensors to create its intelligence reports. The customer and dealer can use a simple secure website or mobile ‘app’ to see this information.

The customer is helped to do their pre-shift checks, report damage or assign repair and both customer and dealer can constantly review the truck’s condition and how it is being used.

Ideal for forward-thinking customers and for our dealers who have their own rental fleets.

VISR gives you many insights into your trucks, including:

  • GPS position
  • Alarms
  • Service planning
  • Intelligence reports
  • All easily seen through the VISR GO app, and the VISR Manager website.

VISR will simplify your day-to-day workflow, utilisation and overall efficiency.

We have been running a pilot program with TrackUnit to gather information and feedback from our dealers, to lead to a final product and offering.

General VISR specs can be viewed here:

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Supporting documents: